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How to organise a stress free thanksgiving

How to organise a stress free thanksgiving

Want to have a successful stress free thanksgiving this year? Want to sit down to a delicious meal with all the trimmings? Then you need to make a list. You need to make the most detailed list since the mars landing mission. In order to make such a list, you need to make a plan. What do you plan to eat? Well, theres the yams and potatoes, carrots and beans, corn and peas and what else? Well, no thanksgiving is complete without the centrepiece of the table, the star of the show, the one and only Turkey (unless you’re vegan or vegetarian in which case I’m sure your turkey substitute is lovely and most turkey like).

The list though is the most important because the last thing you want to find yourself doing is going to the supermarket on thanksgiving for ANYTHING thanksgiving related. Put aside the fact that it looks like a demilitarised zone and that the shelves are empty, you have enough work to do at home. Yes, male or female whomever is working the kitchen needs to bring their A-game if they’re to survive it all without going mental on themselves or their guests.

Granted you fulfilled your mission and got all your stuff, the prep work that follows is the most time consuming part of it all.

  1. Clean your veg and cut them up. Throw some into our vacuum seal bags ready for the sous vide treatment tomorrow. The others you can do the traditional way, boiled or baked. You can actually cook everything the day before and only warm the food right before dinner time. Storing your vegetables in our containers will guarantee they will have the same flavor as the moment you cooked them.
  2. Break bread for stuffing.

Stuffing to kill for

Ingredients for 8

1 loaf stale bread torn or cut in chunk

4 sausages (casings removed)

2 stalks of celery, diced

1/2 an apple peeled and diced

250 ml chicken stock

1/2 tsp fresh sage

1/2 tsp fresh parsley

1/2 tsp fresh thyme

4 sprigs of fresh rosemary

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 mandarin

  • In a large mixing bowl combine your bread, sausage, celery, apple, herbs and seasoning.
  • Knead it together as you would dough adding the chicken stock gradually.
  • Cut your mandarin in half. Shove one half in your turkey right up to the front of the cavity.
  • Stuff the turkey. Any stuffing that doesn’t fit will bake nicely in a pan.
  • Put in the other half of the mandarin and sew up the cavity.
  1. Take the turkey out. You can’t bake a frozen turkey so make sure you take it out of the freezer on time. Once you’ve done that insert a bunch of butter under it’s skin, and season it. Cut up a few onions and throw some garlic cloves and rosemary in the tray. Turkey’s ready to be stuffed tomorrow and go in the oven.

**If you aren’t doing a turkey for whatever reason you can obviously skip this step.

  1. Don’t forget the dessert. You can get inspired from our previous blogs: cheese tart with peach jelly or french macarons.
  2. Welcome your guests.
  3. Save the leftovers.

Timing is everything and if you have everything ready to go the day before then you’ll be laughing on the big day. With Vacuvita on your side it’ll be smooth sailing this year, for you and everyone involved. So enjoy your meal and your guests and be thankful you’ve got us on your side.