Home Base Set

Home Base Set

The Vacuvita Home Base Set offers the best way to save food and money. The set consists of the Home Base, 1 vacuum container (small) and 10 vacuum bags (5xMedium, 5xLarge). With this set you have everything you need to enrich your kitchen with vacuum and to fast marinate.
Ease storage system
Marinate in minutes
Save food and money
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Fast delivery
1 year guarantee

Vacuum storage
Keeping food vacuum is the best way to keep it good and crisp, up to five times as long. The advanced Vacuvita Home Base Set makes your kitchen complete and your life more pleasant. Enjoy the convenience of Easy Access Storage for food that you can reach at the touch of a button. The Home Base does the rest.

Quick marinating
Not only does Vacuvita keep your food fresh for longer – it can also marinade super fast. Press the button of your Home Base 3 times and the Home Base will marinate the products you have put in within 5 minutes. What normally can take hours, or even a day, before the marinade arrives, the Home Base will marinate in 5 minutes!



2.1 Gallon


18.5 x 11.8 x 8.3 Inch


14V (uses less than 0.5W)

  • 1 Vacuvita┬« Home Base
  • 1 Vacu├╝mcontainer White (small)
  • 5 Medium bags
  • 5 Large bags
  • 1 Vacuum tube and adapter
  • 1 Adapter
  • 1 Manual
Dutch design
Dutch design
This incredible Dutch invention is something never seen before. It keeps your food fresh and it is one of the easiest marinating machines in the world.