Vacuum bags

The Vacuvita vacuum bags are extremely suitable for storing food in the long term. Because the bags are made of multilayer plastic, you won't have freezer burn anymore. This keeps your products much tastier even in the freezer. In addition, the bags are also suitable for Sous-Vide cooking.
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Reusable vacuum bags

Good quality bags are indispensable for storage or cooking. For the long-term storage of meat, vegetables, fish or poultry, use the durable vacuum bags. Vacuum-sealed foods do not get dried out edges and retain their colour, taste and nutrients much longer.
Vacuvita bags keep your food compact, so you can use the space in your freezer optimally. If properly sealed and frozen, some foods can last for years. Vacuvita bags are BPA and BPS free and are made of multi-layer plastic that is stronger than what most competitors use.

Sous-vide cooking

The Vacuvita bags can cook against the heat needed for sous-vide – the secret of the tastiest, finest food. By sealing your food in Vacuvita bags and letting it cook at relatively low temperatures, you will preserve all the flavours and juices. If you love cooking, try sous vide, and let your friends and family be amazed!


The Vacuvita bags come in two sizes. The medium bags have a capacity of 1/2 Gallon (10x11Inch) and the large bags have a capacity of 1 Gallon (10×13.7Inch).

Contents Set

15x 1/2 Gallon


15x 2 Gallon


1/2 Gallon 10 x 11 Inch

1 Gallon 10 x 13.7 Inch


32 – 212 Fahrenheit