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The secret of a healthy work lunch

The secret of a healthy work lunch

It’s all too easy to fall into the lunch trap at work. It starts out innocently enough, you go once or twice with a few colleagues for a quick bite to eat. It’s cheap too. That one time. . . but once you get a taste of the good life you find yourself going more often than not. You stop making yourself a lunch because there’s always something around the corner.

Then you realise, this is costing you a good chunk of your salary.  5-10 dollars/euros a day can quickly add up. You don’t see it all at once but that 5-10 dollars calculated over a year could easily renovate a room in your house, or take you on a nice little vacation in the sun when the weather turns on you. It could even fund a shopping spree, which you may need once you see the effects of the conveniently lunches take their toll on your waistline. Unless you’re eating healthy lunches out every day… (sure you are).

We at Vacuvita have the solution for you. Plan your lunches ahead of time and take a fresh healthy delicious varied and vibrant lunches to work every day. Here is how.

Get to the supermarket!

  • Buy some veggies and meats and pastas
  • Buy some leafy greens
  • Buy some oils and fruits and vinegar
  • Buy some grains like rice or quinoa
  • Buy some seeds and nuts

Get creative!

  • The sky’s the limit when you’re planning you meals so reach for the stars
  • Grill steak, chicken, veggies. Poach some fish
  • Place everything in Vacuvita air tight vacuum seal containers (ensuring freshness and longevity)

Game day(s)

  • Either the night before or in the morning, mix and match your ingredients in one of our vacuum containers
  • Seal the contents and bring one of your home made vinaigrettes
  • Enjoy your home made restaurant quality salad

Make it a thing!

  • Bring enough for everyone
  • Maybe instead of sneaking off to lunch every day you and your colleagues could take turns bringing a nice lunch for everyone to share
  • Bring that leftover lasagne to share with your colleagues

Mealtime is a very social thing. There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing good conversation and good food with good people. But it shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With Vacuvita all you need is a little planning ahead of time and you can have it all. So get out there and strut your stuff… we’ll keep it fresh for you.